ExpressHEALTH Clinic provides these services for patients over 2 years of age. To save you time and money, read the accompanying display “IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT OUR SCOPE OF SERVICE”. Please speak with our staff if you have any questions about our pricing, payment requirements or scope of services. Additional charges for Other Services, such as tests and medication injections, may apply if clinically indicated.
Common Illnesses
Skin Conditions
Oral Conditions
Allergies Athlete’s Foot Cold Sores
Bronchitis Impetigo Sore Throat -Laryngitis
Cold &Viral URI Lice Toothache
Chicken Pox Minor Allergic Reaction Corneal Abrasion
Flu Minor Burns & Abrasions Ear Infection
Headache Minor Cuts Pinkeye
Insomnia Minor Skin Infections Stye
Mono Poison Ivy Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
Sinus Infection Other Contact Dermatitis Swimmer’s Ear
Sore Throat Ringworm
Strep Throat Scabies
Urinary & Bladder Infection Shingles
Viral Infection Spider & Insect Bites
Muscle and Joint
Gastrointestinal Conditions
Splinter Removal Arthritis
Sunburn Bursitis
Constipation Wasp & Bee Stings Gout
Heartburn Minor Strains
Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea Pulled Muscles

Smoking Cessation    
Counseling Visit 3 min-10 min Smoking Cessation Initial Visit $38
greater than 10 min Smoking Cessation each F/UP Visit $28
Medicare-Counseling Visit 3 min-10 min    
Medicare-greater than 10 min    
Weight Management
f-t-f counseling for obesity, 15 mins Weight loss mgmt initial visit $52
Medical Nutritional Therapy-may also be appropriate for Bio-Metric screenings Weight loss mgmt each f/up visit $36
  Labs for Weight loss mgmt-includes CBC,CMP, Lipid, TSH $38
Cerumen Removal
Medicare-Cerumen Removal/Ear irrigation $40  
Cerumen Removal/Ear irrigation $40  
Cerumen Removal/Instumentation $40  
Foreign body removal/Ear $80  
Skin Tag Removal
Skin Tag removal up to 15 lesions $80  
Skin Tag removal each add’l up to 10 lesions $18  
Wart Removal
Wart Removal up to $14 lesions $80  
Wart Removal 15 or more lesions $120  
Simple I&D
Incision & Drainage of absess, simple or single $109  
I&D complicated or multiple $193  
Debridement of extensive eczematous or infected skin up to 10% of body surface $51  
Debridement eczematous or infected skin each additional 10% $20  
Debridement of skin 20sq cent or less $69  
Debridement of skin 20sq each add’l 20sq cm $22  
Wound care/closure
(Medicare) tissue adhesive only $98  
tissue adhesive 2.5cm or less $98  
tissue adhesive 2.6cm – 7.5 $108  
tissue adhesive 7.6cm – 12.5 $118  
Acne – bill for just appropriate E/M
preventative medicine services    
preventative medicine counseling 15min    
Coumadin Clinic    
(Lab) PT-INR    
Fluoresceine Dye/Woods Lamp test
Biometric Screen
assessment, each 15min face-to-face w/ pt    
Health & behavior intervention, each 15min    
Glyco-hemaglobin A1c $28  
Lipid/Cholesterol Panel $32  
Glucose (finger stick) $8  
Total Cholesterol    
(QW) LDL    
(QW) Triglycerides    
(QW) Glucose    
(QW) Glucose post Dose    
(QW) Gluclose TT (3 tests)    
(QW) GTT each add’l test beyond 3    
Complete Handicapp Placard forms
special reports or forms, no physical exam    
Out of Office services provided
services typically provided in the office, provided out of the office. Requires POS change to (12 or 99?)    
STD Counseling
f-t-f counseling for std ed & guidance, semi annually, 30 mins  

Physical Examinations: Vaccinations
School & Sports (1st grade & up) $28 Vaccinations are often not covered by insurance. Please check your plan’s coverage. We reserve the right to collect at time of service if we cannot determine coverage. Vaccinations can be purchased separately if a visit for an illness is not necessary. Our cost for vaccines often changes and prices below are also subject to change; price changes and seasonal prices will be posted.
Kindergarten & Pre-School $42
Foster Care $44
Work $44
TDOT $88
Spirometry $30 Influenza (Seasonal as Posted)
TDOT with Formal Drug Screen $148 Tetanus, Diphtheria Booster (7 years of age and up)  $64
Other Screenings and Lab Tests TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis, 11 – 64 years of age) $88
influenza A+B $42
Rapid Mono $24
Strep Screen $20
Urinalysis $10 Medication Services $25 – $30 See Below
Blood Glucose $8 Medicine Administration (Injection) is offered for rashes, inflammation, nausea, antibiotic and non-narcotic pain relief but only if prescribed by our Nurse Practitioner as treatment. Medicines cannot be administered separately from an illness or injury visit. The price is an additional charge including medicine & administration.
Pregnancy Test $12
TB Skin Test $20
Rapid Urine Drug (15 minutes) $38
Formal Urine Drug (24-72 hours) $68
Procedure Anti-Inflammatory: Decadron/Dexamethasone:
Suture/Staple Removal $28 4 mg $25
Prescription Refill Authorization $78 8 mg $30
Limited to a 30 day supply with no additional refills and no controlled substances. Other restrictions may apply. Anti-Nausea: Zofran $30
Pain: Toradol/Ketorolac $30
Antibiotic: Rocephin/Ceftriaxone $30