About Us

ExpressHEALTH CLINIC is your neighborhood solution for convenient healthcare with a mission to provide world class care for family illnesses and conditions. Usually just down the road and open 7 days a week, it is easy to see why we make healthcare visits convenient, affordable and on your schedule. If you are feeling under the weather or needing any of our Other Services, then please stop by. No appointments are necessary and you will feel better when you do.

About Our Services

We are not a pain clinic, we do not treat chronic pain and we do not provide prescriptions for pain or other medicines that are included in the U.S. DEA’s Controlled Drugs, Schedule II. Such drugs, while not illegal and appropriate for certain conditions, often have a high potential for abuse easily leading to severe physical or physiological dependence.

About Our Hours of Operation

Our ability to accommodate your visit on any given day is dependent on patient volume and your arrival time. We must stop accepting patients once the number of patients seeking Registration cannot be seen before closing times.   In order to help assure you that your visit will be completed as and when you hope, it is always a good idea to call our clinic of your choice before visiting.  Otherwise:

  • You should allow approximately 15 minutes for each patient who is Registered before you, and
  • You must be Registered at least 30 minutes prior to closing the Facility for mid-day and end of day closings so that..
  • You will be able to be admitted to the examination room at least 25 minutes before closings.

The Registration process is simple, usually takes no more than 10 minutes and may be completed immediately upon your arrival.

However, if There is a Long Wait When You Arrive – You may leave the clinic after Registering and then return closer to an established estimated visit time. To leave and then return, you should discuss your departure with our staff, and they will help determine the time you should return for your visit.  If you fail to return by your estimated visit time, you may lose your sign-in position because we cannot interrupt the orderly admission of other patients.

Standard Operating Hours – The Home page lists the Standard Hours for each of our clinics.  However, those hours may vary by season, by clinic and patient volume.  Again, in order to help assure you that your visit will be completed as and when you hope, it is always a good idea to call our clinic of your choice before visiting.

Your HealthCare Team:

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)–During your visit with ExpressHEALTH Clinic you will be treated by board certified, licensed Family Nurse Practitioners and certified Patient Care Coordinators, all of whom are competent, compassionate and caring that your visit is a great success. We take great pride in knowing our patients receive top quality healthcare.  It is easy to boast about our professional staff members because they have been hand picked and come with the highest credential awards and experience.  We welcome patient feed back regarding each visit.

Our providers are licensed to treat patients with ages two and up. Easy to talk to, and always attentive to your needs, our providers are what makes us the “go to” for patients wanting top notch healthcare in a convenient and affordable environment. Having an ExpressHEALTH CLINIC family nurse practitioner on your healthcare team is a direct result in feeling better, faster !

Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) – From sign- in to sign-out, our PCC staff is there to meet your patient administrative needs.

Our certified PCC staff guides you through your visit from start to finish. Easy to talk with, and very personable the PCC is there to answer questions on wait time, availability, insurance questions, and patient payment. Call and talk directly with our PCC staff, we welcome any questions you may have about your visit to ExpressHEALTH CLINIC.

The PCC quote of the day is, “It won’t be long until your feeling better, faster!